About Faith

Born and raised in middle Tennessee, in the buckle of the Bible Belt, you’ll find Faith Holt: a singer-songwriter making songs steeped in alternative emo and independent rock. The songs are self-realized depictions of the more difficult moments of existence. Topics include questioning religious beliefs, analyzing mental health, exploring the difficulty in relationships, and lingering over moments in time.

The specificity of time is an early hallmark of Holt’s music. The singles released spanning the years of 2015-2019 feel like journal entries. “August 1st,” watching “Fireworks” on the 4th of July, and then before you know it, in “Second Place,” it’s the middle of December again. It can all feel like a whirlwind watching this time pass by, but Faith’s musings guide you with ease through her own meditations.

These dialogues are all backed by swelling and shimmering guitars. With a honeyed voice that recalls the intimacy of Phoebe Bridgers and full band arrangements that often reach the slow roar of bands like Now, Now and Manchester Orchestra, Faith’s music pulls from deep emotional roots.

Then comes The Difference. Still processing the same themes, still the same sound, but more fully realized. The arrangements on the record are sparkling and recall the previous grandeur of mid 00’s emo.

The fear of finding happiness is the central theme of The Difference. It “focuses on the concept of the difference you feel and didn’t know existed prior to losing the happiness, paranoia the fall out will always come after finding it again, and also on the feeling of it being a cycle that seems to inevitably repeat.” said Faith of the record. There’s a moment at one point in the title track where she sings “I’m afraid I’ll get used to this right before it ends. / That I just won’t get over it and there will be more to miss.”

Faith Holt’s music is like a late-night car ride with a close friend who knows you better than anyone else. And sometimes that friend is you.